“How to Get Started with Containers and Hybrid Cloud”

The uptake of containers across enterprises is driven by the benefits of DevOps and microservices architecture, hybrid cloud goals, and the promise of a consistent deployment and runtime execution parity across all data center resources, both on-premises and on cloud servers.

Check out this on-demand webinar, sponsored by TIBCO, to learn how to get started building cloud-native applications and deploy to various container or PaaS platforms.

In this webinar, please join Kevin Bohan, Director of Product Marketing, Integration Technologies of TIBCO Software, and Rahul Kamdar, Director, Product Management & Strategy of TIBCO Software in a discussion on your first foray into containers and hybrid cloud.

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In this webinar, Kevin and Rahul will cover:                                                                                        

  • Why multi-cloud matters when building new microservices
  • Setting up your first environment and building cloud-native applications
  • Creating and deploying to Docker or Cloud Foundry environment